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Sunday, 22 February 2015

B.Tech - EE (Electrical Engineering) Subject Codes F Scheme

Electrical Engineering - EE
Subject Code Subject
Electrical Engineering 3rd Semester (EE) 
HUM-201-F OR MATH-201-F Engineering Economics Or Mathematics - III
HUM-203-F Fundamentals Of Management (Common For All Branches)
EE-201-F Electronic Devices & Circuits (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-203-F Network Theory (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-207-F Electrical Machines-I (EE, EEE)
EE-209-F Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments (EE, EEE)
EE-223-F Network Theory Lab (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-211-F Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Lab (EE, EEE)
EE-213-F Electrical Workshop (IC,EE, EEE)
EE-215-F Electrical Machines-I LAB. (EE, EEE)
Electrical Engineering 4th Semester (EE) 
HUM-201-F OR MATH-201-F Engineering Economics Or Mathematics - III
EE-212-F Transmission And Distribution (EE,EEE)
EE-202-F Analog Electronics (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-204-F Digital Electronics (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-220-F Principles Of Communication Systems (EE, EEE)
EE-208-F Electro Magnetic Theory (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-222-E Analog Electronics Lab (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-224-F Digital Electronics Lab (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
EE-230-F Principles Of Communication Systems Lab ( EE, EEE)
MATH-204-F Numerical Methods Lab (ECE,EI,EE,EEE,IC)
GP-202-F General Proficiency (Common For All Branches)
Electrical Engineering 5th Semester (EE) 
EE-311-F Electrical Machines-II (EE, EEE)
EE-303-F Electronic Measurement And Instrumentation (EE,EEE,ECE,IC)
EE-305-F Analog Electronics Circuits (EE,EEE,ECE,IC)
EE-315-F Power Systems-I (EE, EEE)
EE-317-F Power Electronics (EE, EEE, Common with VI Semester IC )
EE-309-F Microprocessors And Interfacing (EE,EEE,ECE)
EE-323-F Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Lab (EE,EEE,ECE,IC)
EE-321-F Power Electronics Lab. (EE, EEE Common with VI Semester , IC)
EE-319-F Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab. (EE,EEE )
EE-327-F Electrical Machines-II LAB. (EE, EEE)
EE-333-F Practical Training-I
Electrical Engineering 6th Semester (EE) 
EE-312-F Power Systems –II (EE, EEE)
EE-314-F Computer Added Electric Machines Design (EE, EEE)
EE-308-F Micro-Controller And Embedded System(EE,ECE)
EE-304-F Control systems Engineering (EE, EEE,ECE)
EE-318-F Electric Power Generation (EE, EEE)
EE-310-F Digital System Design ( IC,EE,ECE,)
EE-324-F Control system Engineering Lab (EE, EEE,ECE)
EE-320-F Micro-Controller And Embedded System LAB (EE,ECE)
EE-326-F Computer Added Electric Machines Design Lab (EE, EEE)
EE-328-F Power Systems Lab (EE, EEE)
Electrical Engineering 7th Semester (EE) 
EE-403-F Electric Drives And Control
ECE-409-F Digital Signal Processing
EE-405-F Power System Operation And Control
EE-409-F Computer Applications To Power System Analysis
EE-413-F Electric Drives And Control Lab.
ECE-429-F Digital Signal Processing Lab
EE-419-F Computer Applications To Power System Analysis Lab.
GFEE-401-F General Fitness For The Profession
EE-401-F Practical Training – II
Open Elective Subjects 
HUM-451-F Language Skills for Engineers
HUM-453-F Human Resource Management
HUM-459-F Renewable Energy Resources and Technology
ME-451-F Mechatronics Systems
IC-455-F Intelligent Instrumentation for Engineers
OR-401-F Operations Research
Deptt. Elective Subjects 
IC-404-F Fuzzy Logic Control
EE-438-F Recent Trends in De-regulated Power Systems
EE-442-F High Voltage Engineering
EE-444-F Electrical Power Quality
EE-450-F Power Management
Electrical Engineering 8th Semester (EE) 
EE- 402-F Industrial Training/Institutional Project Work

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