B.Tech CSE - Subject Codes F Scheme

Computer Science and Engineering - CSE
Subject Code Subject
CSE 3rd Semester
MATH-201-F OR HUM-201-F Mathematics III OR ENGINEERING ECONOMICS (Common for all Branches)
CSE-201 F Data Structures Using C (CSE,EL,IT,EI)
CSE-203 F Discrete Structures (CSE,IT)
EE-217 -F Digital & Analog Communication (CSE,IT)
EE-204-F Digital Electronics (Common with 4th Semester. – EE,EL,EI & IC)
HUM-203 F Fundamental of Management
IT-201-F PC Lab (CSE,IT)
CSE-205-F Data Structures Using C Lab (CSE,IT)
EE-224-F Digital Electronics Lab (CSE, IT & Common with 4th Semester. – EE,EL,EI & IC)
CSE 4th Semester
CSE-202 F Data Base Management Systems (CSE,IT)
CSE-204 F Programming Languages
MATH-201-F OR HUM-201-F Mathematics III or Engineering Economics (Common for all Branches)
IT-202-F Object-Oriented Programming using C++ (CSE,IT)
CSE-208 F Internet Fundamentals (CSE,IT)
CSE-210 F Computer Architecture and Organization (CSE, IT and Common with 5th Semester. EL,EI,IC)
CSE-212 F Data Base Management Systems Lab. (CSE,IT)
IT-206-F C++ Programming Lab. (CSE,IT)
CSE-214 F Internet Lab. (CSE,IT)
GP-202 F General Proficiency
CSE 5th Semester 
CSE-301 F Principles of Operating System (CSE,IT)
EE-309-F Microprocessors and Interfacing (EL,CSE,IT,EI, IC, EEE, AEI)
CSE-303-F Computer Graphics (CSE,IT)
CSE-305-F Theory of Automata Computation
CSE 307-F Web Development (Common with IT – VI Semester)
IT-204-F Multimedia Technologies (Common with IT- IV-Semester)
CSE-309-F Computer Graphics Lab. (CSE,IT)
CSE-311-F Web Development & Core JAVA Lab. (Common with 6 Semester.-IT)
IT-208-F Multimedia Tech. Lab (Common with IT– IV Semester)
EE-329-F Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab. EL, CSE, IT, EI, IC, EEE, AEI
CSE-313-F O.S. Lab. (CSE, IT)
CSE-315-F Practical Training-I
CSE 6th Semester 
CSE-302 F Principles of Software Engineering (CSE,IT)
CSE-304 F Intelligent Systems (CSE,IT)
IT-305 F Computer Networks (CSE, EL & Common with 5th Semester – IT, AEI)
IT-303 F Systems Programming & System Administration (Common with 5th Semester – IT)
CSE-306 F Analysis & Design of Algorithms
EE-310-F Digital System Design (EL,EE,CSE,EI, IC, AEI)
CSE-308 F Intelligent Systems Lab. (CSE,IT)
EE-330-F Digital System Design Lab. (EL,EI, IC,CSE, AEI)
CSE-310-F Computer Network lab
CSE-312-F Visual Programming Lab.
GP-302-F General Proficiency
CSE 7th Semester
CSE-401 F Advanced Computer Architecture
CSE-403 F Software Project Management (CSE,IT)
CSE-405 F Compiler Design
CSE-407 F Neural Networks
CSE-409 F Advanced Java (CSE, IT)
CSE-411 F Compiler Design Lab
CSE-413 F Neural Networks Using MATLAB
CSE-415 F Advanced JAVA Lab (CSE, IT)
Elective Subjects 
CSE-423 F Distributed Operating System
IT-465F Network Security & Management
CSE-421 F Real Time Systems
CSE-435 F Advanced Database Management Systems
IT-467 F Computer Software Testing
IT-473 F High Speed Networks
CSE 8th Semester
CSE- 402-F Industrial Training/Institutional Project Work

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