B.Tech - ME (Mechanical Engineering) Subject Codes F Scheme

Mechanical Engineering - ME
Subject Code Subject
Mechanical 3rd Semester 
MATH-201-F HUM-201-F Mathematics – III or Engineering Economics
HUM- 203-F Fundamentals of Management
ME-201-F Thermodynamics
ME-203-F Computer Aided Design
ME-205-F Engineering Mechanics
ME-207-F Material Science
EE-209-F Machine Drawing
ME-211-F Computer Aided Design Lab
EE-213-F Engineering Mechanics Lab
ME-215-F Material Science Lab
Mechanical 4th Semester
MATH-201-F HUM-201-F Mathematics – III or Engineering Economics
ME-202-F Manufacturing Technology-I
ME-204-F Kinematics of Machine
ME-206-F Strength of Materials – I
ME-208-F Fluid Mechanics
ME-210-F Steam & Power Generation
ME-212-F Kinematics of Machine Lab
ME-216-F Fluid Mechanics Lab
ME-214-F Strength of Materials Lab
ME-218-F Steam & Power Generation Lab
Mechanical 5th Semester 
ME-301-F Dynamics Of Machines
ME-303-F Mechanical Machine Design-1
ME-305-F Fluid Machine
ME-307-F Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines
ME-309-F Manufacturing Technology –II
ME-311-F Applied Numerical & Computing
ME-313-F Dynamics Of Mechanics Lab
ME-315-F Fluid Machine Lab
ME-317-F Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines Lab
ME-319-F Manufacturing Technology –II Lab
ME-321-F Applied Numerical & Computing Lab
ME-323-F Practical Training Viva-Voce
Mechanical 6th Semester 
ME-302-F Automobile Engineering
ME-304-F Mechanical Machine Design II
ME-306-F Heat Transfer
ME-308-F Automatic Control
ME-310-F Measurement and Instrumentation
ME-312-F Industrial Engineering
ME-314-F Automobile Engineering Lab
ME-316-F Heat Transfer Lab
ME-318-F Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
ME-320-F General Proficiency
Mechanical 7th Semester 
ME-401-F Strength of Material-II
ME-403-F Refrigeration & Air- Conditioning
ME-405-F Operation Research
ME-407-F Power Plant Engineering
ME-409-F Mechanical Vibration
ME-411-F Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab
ME-413-F Advanced CAD/CAM Lab
ME-415-F Practical Training-II
GFME- 435-F General Fitness for the Profession
Elective Subjects 
ME-417-F Quality Engineering
ME 419-F Finite Element Methods
ME-421-F Energy Management Principles
ME- 425-F Computer Integrated Manufacturing
ME- 429-F Reliability Engineering
ME-431-F Solar Energy Engineering
Mechanical 8th Semester 
ME- 402-F Industrial Training/Institutional Project Work

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