B.Tech CE (Civil Engineering) - Subject Codes F Scheme

Civil Engineering - CE
Subject Code Subject
Civil Engineering 3rd Semester (CE) 
MAT-201-F Or HUM-201-F Mathematics-III Or Engineering Economics
HUM-203-F Fundamental of Management
CE-201-F Structural Analysis-I
CE-203-F Building Construction Materials
CE-205-F Fluid Mechanics-I
CE-207-F Surveying-I
CE-209-F Building Drawings
CE-211-F Structural Analysis-I Lab
CE-213-F Fluid Lab-I Lab
CE-215-F Surveying-I Lab
Civil Engineering 4th Semester (CE) 
MAT-201-F Or HUM 201-F Maths III Or Engg. Economics
CE-202-F Structural Analysis-II
CE-204-F Fluid Mechanics-II
CE-206-F Design of Concrete Structures-I
CE-208-F Surveying-II
CE-210-F Construction and concrete technology
CE-212-F Structural Analysis-II Lab
CE-214-F Fluid mechanics Lab
CE-216-F Surveying Lab
CE-218-F Concrete Lab
GP-202-F General Proficiency
Civil Engineering 5th Semester (CE) 
CE-301-F Design of Steel Structure-I
CE-303-F Transportation Engg.-I
CE-305-F Water Supply-Treatment
CE-307-F Soil Mechanics
CE-309-F Numerical Methods And Computing Techniques
CE-311-F Hydrology
CE-313 F DSS-Drg.Lab
CE-315-F Soil Mechanics Lab
CE-317 F Transportation Lab-I
CE-319-F Survey Camp
CE-321-F Auto Cad Lab
Civil Engineering 6th Semester (CE) 
CE-302-F Design of Concrete Structures-II
CE-304-F Irrigation Engineering-I
CE-306-F Geotechnology
CE-308-F Sewerage And Sewage Treatment
CE-310-F Transportation Engg.-II
CE-312-F Engineering Geology
CE-314-F Geotechnology Lab
CE-316-F Transportation Engg.-II Lab
CE-318-F Engineering Geology Lab
CE-320-F Environmental Engg. Lab
GPCE-318-F General Proficiency
Civil Engineering 7th Semester (CE) 
CE-401-F Design of Steel Structure-II
CE-403-F Disaster Mitigation and Management
CE-405-F Estimating and Costing
CE-407-F Irrigation Engg-II
CE-451-F Hydro Power Engg.
CE-453-F Ground Water Engg
CE-455-F Irrigation Drawing Lab
CE-457-F Practical Training -II
GFCE-459-F General Fitness for the Profession
Open Elective Subjects 
CE -409 -F Energy planning and management
CE -411-F Environmental pollution and control
CE -417- F Finite Element Methods
CE- 421 -F Environmental impact and management
CE- 423- F Elements of Earth Quake Engg.
CE- 433 -F Hydraulic System Modeling
Civil Engineering 8th Semester (CE)
CE- 402-F Industrial Training/Institutional Project Work

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